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    Clean up that sticky film that is on your bench, tools, and walls! Clean, pure air is returned to your shop.


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Coolant Mist Collector by Module Air

The primary function of the Coolant Mist Collector is to separate mist liquids from the air and return them to the machine. The liquid is removed by a coalescing filter 3X thicker than any of our competition and set in an angular air stream, allowing maximum drainage.

For a visual representation of our Coolant Mist Collector in use you can view our video located on this page.

Coolant Mist Collector in UseCoolant Mist Collector in Use



-Mist Removal

-Particulate Removal

-Smoke Removal

-Toxic Fume Removal

-Heat & Cooled Air Stays in the Room

-Employee Health Improved

-Prevention of Polluted & Yellowed Walls

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The Coolant Mist Collector works better because it has the best, most innovative tools built right into the unit, and that fact will save your company money every day.

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